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A Fresh Approach To Website Building!

Most website designers have been doing it wrong all this time.  Find out why below:

The industry standard has been to create a website for clients based on their tastes in colour, font etc and expects the client (you) to provide your own content.  This doesn’t work!  Read on to find out what I do differently.

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Creative Process

Here at ‘Spin My Plates Towers’ I do things a little differently.

6-7 Content Coaching Sessions included!

It doesn’t take me very long to create a gorgeous website that suits your tastes.  But Design is less than half the importance.  What you write and the images and videos you use are vital to the success of your website.  I use my 400+ hours of coaching experience and over 13 years of building websites to coach you to create powerful content that we curate and perfect together.

Excellent Design

I have been designing and building websites and blogs, using WordPress, for over 13 years.  WordPress is used by large and small brands alike and is perfect for beginners and easy to learn.  It powers over 40% of the world’s websites!  Companies such as Sony Music, Time Magazine, The Rolling Stones, Spotify Newsroom, Microsoft News, Vogue Magazine and many more utilise WordPress’ popularity.

Templated designs

I’m going to tell you a secret.  WordPress can be built to a very high standard using basic templates and then personalising them. Some web designers don’t tell you they use a template.  They hope you will think they are doing all the coding.  I have even known some to complete a website very quickly but then wait before telling the client so they can justify their incredibly large fees.  I work differently.  I use a popular building template service to create a gorgeous design in a timely manner.  Then concentrate my efforts on us getting  your content right. Content is what matters the most.


You will end up working closely with me through the process to create a website that really speaks to your audience and is authentically YOU!  Why other designers just take a brief from you and hideaway for months only to surface later with a website that doesn’t really ‘speak’ to your audience is beyond me.  I’m left baffled every time a client tells me of their previous website experience.  This is the most vital part of your online presence and is the most overlooked.  Don’t settle for a website that will make selling your services or products harder than it already is!

Google and other search engines

I am certified in Google Digital Online Marketing.  ‘SEO’ is often very misunderstood and the industry is awash with dodgy people taking advantage of those who do not understand the tech or jargon involved.  Getting found on Google can be done for free, and you can do it yourself.  Its NOT a quick fix.  There are no technical shortcuts.  It all relies on your content and the people you are aiming it at.  I have trained hundreds of people in the basics of getting found on Google and I can help you and your website too!

It doesn’t stop when the website is finished.

Because a website is never truly ‘finished’.  It is a vital cog in your online marketing wheel and should grow and evolve with you and your business.  This cannot happen if you do not have the power and freedom to make adjustments to your own website or add your own updated content.  Websites that are hosted with me have minor edits included in the monthly hosting fee.  I can even train you on how to manage your own website.  This is very cost effective and saves a lot of time.

Product Features

I fuse website design, content creation techniques and coaching with industry secrets from the worlds of tech and journalism to show you the easiest and quickest ways to get the results you desire from your website.  This is your online  ‘shop window’.  It needs to be seen!


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Ideas

User Experience Research

I used to spend hours creating websites just for fun before I started doing it commercially.  Throughout that time I have carefully worked with every client to elicit honest feedback and track their experiences of using a website.  I have used this to fine-tune how I present this service to you so that you get the best experience possible.  I haven’t pleased everybody though!  In our discovery session, for one or two, my ideas have been a little too different.  That’s the beauty of a discovery session.  Everybody I have completed a website for, however,  has enjoyed the process and found it immensely satisfying and helpful, not just for their website, but in other areas of their business too.  Win win!

Broken Websites

Sometimes websites appear to just ‘break’.  There are so many complex processes that are involved in keeping an up to date and secure website live on the internet.  It is thankfully rare that disasters happen.  My hosting service offers complete peace of mind with daily backups included as well as safety and security checks and minor content updates, tweaks. and fixes. No website on my server has ever been down for long.  And never ever have any been ‘lost for good’.

After the build

My clients like to keep the relationship and friendly support by hosting with me.

Hosting is provided by me through the popular hosting provider, Siteground.  Their service is especially aimed at WordPress users and is one of the best out there.

On top of the hosting service I also provide extras that you don’t get with most other hosts:

Hosting with me includes all the following:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Software Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • On-Demand Backups
  • Faster Hosting
  • Professional Email Address
  • SSL (Security for your website’s users – the ‘padlock’ symbol)
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) – makes websites faster and Google likes this a lot.
  • E-commerce enabled and additional specialised SSL to go with that if required.
  • 100% Renewable energy used.
  • Net Zero Emissions.
  • Anti-Hack System.
  • Email Anti-Spam.
  • 10-15 Min quick fixes to the website (as usual) for tweaks, errors or glitches. 
  • Emergency callout in the unlikely case of a website going down.

The hosting price does not include Annual Domain Renewals (this is normal in the industry). They are important to prove ownership of your website and should belong solely to you.  Losing your business’ website name would be disastrous later on down the line.  This is purchased separately (I can provide this for you) and placed solely in your name.  Domains are around £16 per year.


The Ultimate WordPress Bundle


Per month.

Includes high speeds, backups, security, tech support, software updates and everything else you will need.  Carbon Neutral Host.

Jump on a Zoom call for free and I will give you an hour of my time to see if this is the right website service for you :)


Other Services

Including Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Tech Support while you watch, Website Changes while you watch, New Ideas and Ideas Synthesis, Active Problem Solving, Tech Support, Content Creation, SEO/SEM, Photoshoots, Mailchimp Mailouts, Social Media and more…

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