Versatile Template Options for Maintenance Mode

As part of your WordPress Maintenance Package, I understand the importance of maintaining a professional online presence, even during website maintenance or when launching a new project.

That’s why I offer two customisable templates: Website Under Maintenance and Coming Soon.:

Edit Templates Anytime, Anywhere
My system allows me to edit your templates on the go, giving you the flexibility to customise them before enabling Maintenance Mode and even during Maintenance Mode. This ensures that we can tailor the appearance and content of your maintenance page to align with your brand and messaging.

Individual Website Activation
I have the power to activate the templates on individual websites, providing me with granular control over which websites display the maintenance or coming soon page. This allows me to manage different projects or sections of your website independently.

Clear Overview of Maintenance Mode
My intuitive interface provides me with a comprehensive overview of which websites are currently in Maintenance Mode. I can easily identify the websites undergoing maintenance, enabling me to stay organised and keep you informed.

Selective Audience for Maintenance Mode
Maintaining privacy and control over your maintenance activities is crucial. With my system, you have the option to choose who sees the Maintenance Mode page. You can specify the user roles that have access to view the maintenance page, selecting Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, or Subscriber. This allows you to limit visibility to only those who need to be aware of the ongoing maintenance activities.

With my versatile template options and user-friendly interface, you can ensure a professional and seamless experience for your visitors during maintenance or when unveiling a new project.


This is part of a WordPress Maintenance Package:


Daily Security Checks Hourly Monitor Uptime
Daily Malware ScansWeekly SEO Ranking Checker
Weekly Google AnalyticsMonthly Site Health Check
Daily Comment ModerationDaily Vulnerability Detection
Maintenance Mode as neededMajor WordPress Software Updates As They Are Released
Daily Backups Daily Theme Software Updates
Optional Extra Backups IncludedDaily Plugin Software Updates
Daily Broken Link CheckerDaily Performance and Website Speed Checker

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