Travelling into the future to set your present straight

I would like to tell you about an exercise that I use with my business coaching clients that really provides you with massive clarity on what you truly desire and what is holding you back from achieving the desires.

This method was introduced to me by top Business Coach, Rich Litvin and I have been able to use it on myself to ‘self-coach but most significantly, with the aid of ‘another pair of eyes’, my clients have benefitted from it enormously (read on for a couple of examples of this). So let’s play… Today we are going to travel through time.

“I want you to imagine it is 3 years into the future. I call you up to see how you are doing since I used to coach you, three years ago. And you say “Bloody hell Claire! You’ll never guess what? My life has completely transformed both personally and professionally because…”

Here is where you fill in the blanks.  Close your eyes and put yourself in that future place.  It’s three years from now.  Where are you?  What are you doing?  How are you feeling? What is everyone else close to you doing now? Really paint a vivid picture in your mind’s eye about the situation you find yourself in.  Look around you and take in the sights, smells and temperature.  How has your life transformed?  You are the happiest you have ever been.  Why? Tell me everything about this place and how you feel and why.  Feel your energy and excitement rise

“Now back to our conversation in the future.  It’s still 3 years from now.  Think back to ‘three years ago’ when I was coaching you.  When we sat together for the first time and you needed my help.  What was holding you back then?…”

As your future self now think ‘back’ to what was blocking you.

What were the worries and fears that were stopping you from moving forward? Is this a lifelong pattern?  Are you more worried about what ‘they’ might think, or say?  What were your ‘what if?’ moments that froze you?  What were you really struggling with? How you saw the world ‘back then’, is it part of a long-held belief system?  We have seen the dream, what is the fear?

Imagine this belief/fear/problem/block that holds you back.  Imagine it is a perfect system stopping you from achieving your dreams.  Would you be the expert on that system?  can you teach me it?  Give me the masterclass on how to hold yourself back. Within this perfect system of holding back, and with you as the expert,  what is the secret that no one else knows, the reason you are so successful at this system?

This method is intended to really deeply bring out the struggle. To look further into it than you may have gone before. What would this look like if it were different?  How might it work?  If you made your hopes and dreams easy, what would that look like? What pisses you off? What makes you cry?  What is your true calling?

Keep going deeper and deeper until you find the root of the problem.  How did your response serve you well in the past when this problem started?  Does it serve you now?

This is a good time to journal on the blocks you have had, the subtle things that trigger you back to being frozen and the ways you can make positive changes for yourself.  When you know what stops you, the future-you becomes able to tackle everything and become the happiest you have ever been.

What does that look like for you?


If you would like to try this out with me or have a free 1-hour coaching call to discuss any of your business (or life) needs I offer a free session to anyone who has never experienced coaching with me before.  To book yours at a time that suits you please follow my booking link below:

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