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June 2, 2023

This morning I completed the following for my WordPress maintenance clients(by the way I’m not usually doing stuff this early):

1. Checked on spam for 11 websites and made sure all was working well.
2. Updates 5 plugins across 14 websites.
3. Dealt with 15 spam comments for my clients.
4. Approved 5 genuine comments on their WordPress websites.
5. Checked 14 websites for broken links and repaired them.
6. Checked the speed on 13 websites.
7. Ran security scans on all of them.
8. Backed up all of them.
9. Checked they are all up (99.1% uptime across all clients)
10. Analysed traffic on 14 websites. Currently, traffic is up by 4% over this time last week. GWiz Learning is the biggest contributor to the increase in today’s report.

Some impressive stats (and I don’t mean my hip-to-waist ratio for a change) for my Business Coaching clients that are learning about digital content marketing!:

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