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Coaching for Sole Traders and Small Businesses

The Quickest Route To Success

An experienced business coach, like me,  can asses your business model and marketing efforts to let you know how likely the business might be to succeed and what steps to take.

Your First Session is Free!

(Some People Only Need One Session).

You Have Nothing To Lose.

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All sessions include contact between sessions and any other useful information such as access to training/downloads etc…

Your support does not end when the session ends!


Weekly Or Fortnightly Sessions

£1080   £780

12 Sessions of Coaching, Paid In Advance

Ideal Client Planning

THE MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING TOOL IS THE IDEAL CLIENT/CUSTOMER.  Learn who they are, what drives them, what they desire, and where they hang out. Without this, you have no effective starting point for producing your products/services or marketing materials (or at least not ones that will work).  Ideal client is EVERYTHING!

Increase Income

Learn what the right income is for you, whether what you charge will work, how to increase it, and additional income streams that could work for you.

Stay True To Yourself

It can be so easy to follow a path that is not true to us.  We all evolve our businesses as we grow and learn but we need to remain true to the ethics and values that we started with.

Create Processes (Also Automation)

Stress-free business requires you to look at creating easy, repeatable processes for similar or repeated tasks (e.g. welcome emails).   Learn how to create processes for your specific business and what, if any, can be automated or delegated so you can concentrate on doing your job.


Develop plans for your online marketing, social media, and non-internet methods.

Improve Productivity

Learn skills for time management, getting your inbox to zero, and setting up your calendar/diary to work for you, not. against you. Create the perfect to-do list that won’t overwhelm you.


Let’s face it, running a business is much more work than we initially think. We often feel like we are spinning too many plates. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing nothing instead and losing all motivation and joy for your work.  I can help motivate you and assist you to remember what you are doing it for.


When you work for yourself it’s all too easy to have no deadlines or even reasons to get started on boring tasks etc… If you know you are going to talk to someone else regularly about what you are supposed to be doing (or even have a deadline for them) you can reach your goals much more quickly by being held accountable for your inactions when we talk ;)

Financial Planning

Learn how to decide what to charge, increase fees, complete your book-keeping, and forecast money goals.

Beat Mental Roadblocks

Discover the reasons why you cannot get started on (or finish) a task or project and the baffling reality of this phenomenon.

Cure Procrastination

Find out why we procrastinate and what tricks and hacks you can use to help yourself prevent procrastination as well as how to dig down to the real reason why stubborn procrastination remains and what to do about it.

Business Model Review

There are many different Business Models, some proven to be much better at regular, reliable income.  Learn the different types and whether your business can utilise a better way of achieving cashflow.

Realistic Achievable Goals

Its easy to be busy, but less easy to know what to focus on first. By creating easy to attain, realistic goals with your coach you can concentrate on whats really important.  It’s not always as obvious as you may think!

Can Coaching Help Me Grow My Business

Yes absolutely, if that is your goal.  It seems hard to believe but for some sole traders, it’s not just about the money. You may be motivated by helping others or you may want more time with family and a better work/life balance. Coaching can benefit you in all these ways.

What can I expect from our first meeting?

You can expect a friendly encounter where we will talk all about you, your business, and your dreams for the future.  I will be very keen to find out what stage you are at, where you want to be, and what kind of ethics you have.

It will be an enjoyable chat where we uncover your potential goals and fears and what can be done with them. 

I will explain a bit about what working with me might look like and you will have opportunities to ask me any questions you may have.

Will My Business Succeed?

That largley depends on you, your work ethic, your product/service and your research of the market you are entering and who will benefit from your services.  I can talk through your business, ideas, hopes and dreams with you and feedback if I feel they are likely to work or not.  I can advise you on the realities of running your own business sucessfully and why they fail (I have failed so can tell you from my heart where it can go wrong). I will advise you on why and what can be done to give it the best chance possible (or whether to not bother).

Do you use a coach?

Absolutely! In fact, I have 3 AND a supervisor.  I utilise different types of coaches for different needs I have.  I find the ability to explore coaches in different niches gives me a unique opportunity to control the extent of advice I am given and look at different views. For me, it’s all about informed decision-making.

I welcome you to also use more than one coach should you see fit. I only advise you to check their qualifications, professional body membership, and insurance as the coaching industry is non-regulated.

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