Powerful Link Monitor for Effective Broken Link Management

As part of your WordPress Maintenance package, I understand the importance of maintaining a seamless browsing experience for your website visitors.

That’s why I offer a robust Link Monitor, this broken link checker provides a:

Comprehensive Overview
My Link Monitor thoroughly scans the links in all the posts and pages on your website, providing me with an insightful overview. I’ll receive information on response codes, link URLs, link text, and the content to which the link belongs. This comprehensive overview empowers me to identify and address any broken links promptly.

Daily Link Checks
In addition to the initial scan, my Link Monitor performs daily checks on all the links* present on your site. This proactive approach ensures that you’re promptly notified of any link-related issues that arise. Rest assured that you’ll be alerted in a timely manner, allowing you to resolve any broken links before they impact SEO, user experience, or revenue.

*Please note that the daily link checks are limited to 10,000 links per website.

Automatic Checks and Alerts
With my Link Monitor, I’ll receive automatic checks and alerts for any unresponsive or broken links on your website. This feature enables me to take immediate action in communicating your broken links, ensuring that your website remains in optimal condition and minimising any negative impacts.

With my powerful Link Monitor, I can effectively manage your broken links, maintain a positive user experience, and safeguard your website’s SEO and revenue.


This is part of a WordPress Maintenance Package:


Daily Security Checks Hourly Monitor Uptime
Daily Malware ScansWeekly SEO Ranking Checker
Weekly Google AnalyticsMonthly Site Health Check
Daily Comment ModerationDaily Vulnerability Detection
Maintenance Mode as neededMajor WordPress Software Updates As They Are Released
Daily Backups Daily Theme Software Updates
Optional Extra Backups IncludedDaily Plugin Software Updates
Daily Broken Link CheckerDaily Performance and Website Speed Checker

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