Jenny’s Story – Protection From Malware for her Small Business (Anonymised and posted with permission)

I’m Jenny, an art lover, and I run this little online spot called “Jenny’s Art Haven.” Life was good until my friend’s website got hacked through some dodgy hosting.

A hooded figure, representing an anonymous hacker, typing on a computer keyboard. The image is associated with the Easy Website Club's Website Scanning Service, offered by Claire.Hackers went wild, turning it into a weird mix of art and, well, VERY inappropriate stuff. Suddenly, the ‘cyber threat’ world felt like this big, scary thing, ready to hit my tiny business. Who would’ve thought they’d bother with us little guys?

I couldn’t shake off the thought of losing what I’d built – my creative space and the source of my extra cash. I’m just a small artist; surely, there are bigger targets, right?

My WordPress site isn’t just a fancy store; it’s where I put my dreams on display. And as people started noticing and buying, it felt awesome. Each sale wasn’t just a buy; it was a thumbs-up to my passion and a nod to my art skills.

Then, one day, while scrolling online, I found Claire’s WordPress thing with a  security scan service and vulnerability detection. It felt like the universe had my back.

Fast forward to the first scan – it said, “Your site is clean!” Huge relief, like a weight off my shoulders.

But the real magic happened with the next scans. This service wasn’t just about pointing out threats; it gave me the power to kick them out. If something fishy popped up, Claire would tell me, and suddenly, I felt protected. With the service guiding me, I could shield my little art haven.

Oh, and the blacklist check? Big relief! Knowing my site wasn’t flagged for security issues made me breathe easy.

When the service found weaknesses. It wasn’t just about defending; it was like having an online guardian angel, showing me things I didn’t know. With Claire’s help, I could make my site stronger.

The weekly reports are handy too.   Telling me what checks were made and the results but also how I was appearing on search engines like Google.  All useful information in an easy-to-read PDF is sent via email.

A collection of art brushes standing in a glass jar, showcasing a variety of sizes and bristle typesIn the end, it’s not just a security thing.  It doesn’t just protect my site; it shields my dreams and passion.

So here I am today, looking at my “Art Haven,” knowing my art is safe, my dreams are secure, and my heart is full.

This service isn’t just guarding my WordPress website; it’s about reducing my fears, and letting me focus on what matters – my art and the joy it brings.

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