Introducing My Analytics at a Glance Feature

As part of your WordPress Maintenance Package, I understand the importance of having quick access to your website statistics.

That’s why I’ve developed an Analytics at a Glance feature, designed to provide you with instant insights as part of your weekly report.  I set you up on Google Analytics (if you are not already) and:

Personalised Stats
I believe in customisation, so we have the ability to personalise your statistics. You can choose your preferred time interval and determine the number of results you want to display. This flexibility allows you to focus on the specific data that matters most to you.

Integrated into Client Reports
For seamless reporting, my Analytics at a Glance feature integrates with Client Reports. This integration ensures that your Google Analytics data is incorporated into your client reports, providing a comprehensive overview of your website performance.

Detailed Overview of Key Metrics
My feature offers a detailed overview of essential metrics, including the number of sessions, returning visitors, social media engagement, organic search performance, pageviews, page sessions, time on site, and bounce rate. With these comprehensive insights, you can gain a holistic understanding of your website’s performance and make data-driven decisions.


This is part of a WordPress Maintenance Package:


Daily Security Checks Hourly Monitor Uptime
Daily Malware ScansWeekly SEO Ranking Checker
Weekly Google AnalyticsMonthly Site Health Check
Daily Comment ModerationDaily Vulnerability Detection
Maintenance Mode as neededMajor WordPress Software Updates As They Are Released
Daily Backups Daily Theme Software Updates
Optional Extra Backups IncludedDaily Plugin Software Updates
Daily Broken Link CheckerDaily Performance and Website Speed Checker

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