Eeeeeew. Selling! Is it manipulation to utilise emotions?

Yes, and no.

‘Slow and steady wins the race’. this is a phrase that we all know deep down to be true but when it comes to marketing a small business, desperation often trumps relationship-building.
People look for a quick fix or an easy way to attract their ideal customers.
They may follow what the ‘big businesses’ seem to be doing (without the team of full-time marketers behind them). Then they feel deflated and disappointed (and worse yet blame themselves) when it doesn’t work. It may ‘feel’ like “snake-oil” selling.
Using emotions and storytelling IS a powerful way to attract the people you want to work with. But to newcomers to the science of persuasion, it can feel ‘icky’ or ‘manipulative’. And, when it is used to persuade people into lies and falsehoods it’s absolutely the case!


Are you, the seller, honest, and ethical? Do you have truly right intentions for what you are offering (and can prove why you trust it yourself)?
If you say YES then DO utilise positive emotions in your content and speeches. Tell the stories of the work you have done, the people you have helped and the transformations you have made for them. Encourage them to tell these stories too!
If you are qualified and/or experienced in your field, if you are constantly on a mission to improve, if you really, truly put others before yourself in your business. Then share it!!

Would you sell this to your own family members?


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