Daily or On-Demand Backups and Cloning/Migration Tool

As part of your WordPress Maintenance Package, I prioritise the security, efficiency, and flexibility of your website management.

That’s why I offer an advanced on-demand backup solution and a powerful cloning/migration tool, coupled with low server load capabilities:

Low Server Load for PHP Memory Optimization
With my system, 95% of the backup process is handled by a separate server infrastructure, alleviating the burden on your web server’s PHP memory. This optimisation ensures that your website’s performance remains unaffected during the backup process, providing a seamless user experience for your visitors.

EU and US Storage Options
I understand the importance of complying with data protection regulations. That’s why I offer the option to store your website backups in either EU or US storage locations. By selecting the EU storage option, I can ensure compliance with the EU directive and maintain the highest standards of data privacy and security.

Incremental Backup Technology
My backup system utilises incremental backup technology, meaning that only new and altered files and tables are backed up during subsequent backup runs. This intelligent approach significantly increases the reliability and efficiency of backups while reducing the load on your website’s servers. With incremental backups, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is protected without unnecessary overhead.

Optional Extra Comprehensive Cloning/Migration Tool
In addition to my advanced backup capabilities, I provide a comprehensive cloning/migration tool. This tool enables me to duplicate your website effortlessly or migrate it to a different location with ease. Whether you’re setting up a staging environment, changing hosting providers, or performing backups for testing purposes, my cloning/migration tool streamlines the process and minimises server usage (quoted separately).

With my efficient on-demand backups, low server load capabilities, and comprehensive cloning/migration tool, I can safeguard your website’s data while ensuring optimal performance.


This is part of a WordPress Maintenance Package:


Daily Security Checks Hourly Monitor Uptime
Daily Malware ScansWeekly SEO Ranking Checker
Weekly Google AnalyticsMonthly Site Health Check
Daily Comment ModerationDaily Vulnerability Detection
Maintenance Mode as neededMajor WordPress Software Updates As They Are Released
Daily Backups Daily Theme Software Updates
Optional Extra Backups IncludedDaily Plugin Software Updates
Daily Broken Link CheckerDaily Performance and Website Speed Checker

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