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Do you ever sit down to write a blog, social post or a page for your website and your mind goes blank?

Have you ever tried to hire a copywriter only to get something back that didn’t quite sound like it was from you?

Now we have a solution!  YOUR words, YOUR stories, created by you without having to type a single word!!


Save Time and Money 'Writing' Content


Overcome 'The Curse Of Knowledge'

How It Works

Together we will have a Zoom call for about an hour.  During that call, you will tell me all about the services your offer, and why you are passionate (or whatever it is you want to ‘write’ about).

It is SO much easier to talk to someone about your services or special offers than it is to write it up or explain it to a copywriter.

I use my 400+ hours of coaching experience to question and guide you so no stone is left unturned and your potential client/customer will find out everything they need to know from you.

I use my SEO and Google Marketing knowledge to steer some of the conversations to what your customers/clients AND Google (plus other search engines) are looking for on the internet.

I will record the meeting, download it and, after we have finished the call, transcribe and edit the conversation.  I send this transcription, in a copywriter, online-friendly format, for you to use and edit as you please.

This is THE full solution to your writer’s block or ‘Curse Of Knowledge‘!

Book your FREE discovery session today to find out more.

Marketing Videos

I always love a ‘win-win’ and I have one for you here!

Using the above format but in a slightly different way, we can use your Zoom recording to create a marketing video, intro video or showreel for you too.

Writing a script and talking at a camera can strike fear in the heart of most people or at the very least draw a blank.

But if you have a real person to talk to you can relax!

I can interview you about whatever it is you are selling and together we will create a  video that is right for you.

I will then edit it to either include or exclude me as the interviewer, add a title and outtro, add your logo and more…

Here is a video I created for a Therapist at The Therapists Network…

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