Coaching Terms (The Short Version)

I have some pretty simple terms that we can agree to when working together. 


You want change, I want to help. Together we work out a plan, try it, tweak it and check the results.

You are willing to put in some time and effort (It’s your business as stake here after all).

I will use all my experience and learning to help you achieve the change.

You acknowledge I am not liable should it not go to plan (Don’t worry I have insurance, never needed it but I have it anyway) and nor am I a Therapist or Curer of ails – but I know people who are!


Our work together will remain completely confidential, this is really important to me. I do, however, have a supervisor with whom I discuss my work occasionally, for my own development, but they are made completely anonymous.

However…If it looks like you intend to harm yourself or others, I reserve the right to break confidentiality in order to prevent harm. I would only do this in extreme circumstances and if required to by law to do so.

You will not tell any of my secrets. Even if it’s about how much I love chocolate – shhh!


I may take handwritten or digital notes in sessions because I am over 40 now and sometimes my memory fails me. I keep them for a while after coaching then shred ’em after 2 years (why 2 years? Incase you need to come back for more!)

Within our strict code of confidentiality, I will need to keep your name, contact details and attendance data on record for legal reasons. I will also keep a record of all appointments offered, attended, and cancelled and payments made. I do this so I can run an efficient booking system. Legally required documents are kept for 6 years then I shred ’em! (I love shredding – sad)


Yep, I got loads of this stuff! With Hiscox. I have also undergone GCHQ (like James Bond) Approved cyber awareness, data protection and security training with them. Details and Certificates can be found HERE)


Generally, once we have agreed to work together we will commit to 6 months. Which means you might need to get me a birthday or Christmas card at some point. And I, you :)

You will be given a flexible contract that we can work within.  And, if we need to tweak it during the course of your journey with me, that’s fine also.

We will work according to the contract and fees at the time of the agreement.


Fees start from around £65 for most services (except website building) but vary according to the nature of your needs and the size of your business.  It’s best to get a proper quote.

The nature of this work also means that it’s easy to over-run. I would love to give you extra time for free but, unfortunately, my bills are not getting any smaller – as, I appreciate, neither are yours.  Therefore I will always endeavour to run to time, and so will you.  If we chose to go over time, you will be charged a pre-agreed fee.  This is so no one has to have an awkward conversation later.


Sometimes sh..t happens! If its a genuine, out-of-character change or an emergency, I can reschedule at short notice. Everything else needs at least 48 hours.

If you come late or no-show, the time I am left waiting for you counts as part (or all of) a full, paid session. If I am late then I owe you a pint or two! But we are grown-ups so I don’t envisage a problem here :)


Feedback on what is working (or what is not) is always greatly appreciated. Please rest assured you can bring up anything related to the work we are doing together, even if its a criticism. These things are best left said!

I will be on your side and do the best I can for you always.

Claire xxx



If you really really want the loooooong  small print you can read it here (which, of course, I advise you to do) here:



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