Advanced Vulnerability Detection System

As part of your Monthly WordPress Maintenance package, I prioritise the security of your website.

That’s why I utilise a powerful Vulnerability Detection system that ensures the identification of potential security vulnerabilities:

Comprehensive Vulnerability Detection
My system is designed to detect various security vulnerabilities that may exist within your website. It addresses critical issues such as CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery), XSS (Cross-site scripting), and RFI (Remote File Inclusion). By identifying these vulnerabilities, I help you fortify your website against potential threats.

Multiple Issue Resolution
I understand that each vulnerability requires specific attention. My system is equipped to address multiple security issues, providing tailored solutions to safeguard your website. Whether it’s mitigating CSRF attacks, preventing XSS exploits, or addressing RFI vulnerabilities, I have you covered.

Server-Based Detection
To ensure accurate and efficient vulnerability detection, my system operates on its own dedicated servers. This allows me to utilise robust scanning algorithms and conduct thorough assessments without impacting the performance of your website.

Security Check Flags
My Vulnerability Detection system seamlessly integrates with my comprehensive Security Check feature. Any identified vulnerabilities are flagged and displayed within my Security Check report, enabling me to access a consolidated overview of your website’s security status.

Inclusion in Client Reports
Transparency and communication are vital when it comes to security. As such, you have the option to include information about detected vulnerabilities in your Client Reports. This ensures that you are kept informed about potential security risks and the actions being taken to address them.

With my advanced Vulnerability Detection system, you can proactively identify and address security vulnerabilities, minimizing the risk of malicious attacks on your website.


This is part of a WordPress Maintenance Package:


Daily Security Checks Hourly Monitor Uptime
Daily Malware ScansWeekly SEO Ranking Checker
Weekly Google AnalyticsMonthly Site Health Check
Daily Comment ModerationDaily Vulnerability Detection
Maintenance Mode as neededMajor WordPress Software Updates As They Are Released
Daily Backups Daily Theme Software Updates
Optional Extra Backups IncludedDaily Plugin Software Updates
Daily Broken Link CheckerDaily Performance and Website Speed Checker

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