Claire is a home-educating mum of one teenager, a businesswoman, a creative and spiritual ‘Tech Geek’ and a passionate Polymath.  She has many different interests, skills and talents, mostly in Coaching, Training, Self-Development, Wellness, Design and Businesses.

A ‘Cheeky’ Entrepreneur, Friendly Feminist and Loving Activist, Claire believes that the world is a better place when we think as one consciousness and utilise nature and care for our beautiful planet.

Claire regularly enjoys meditating in nature, connecting to spirit, geeking out on technology, ‘GeoCachng‘ and Weekends Camping in the UK with her son.


Claire Hirst

Claire Hirst

Claire comes from a background of creativity mixed with technology.

“In 1985 I got my first computer, a BBC Acorn Electron that you had to code yourself from a manual and took ‘audio’ tapes to load text-only games and programs.

I then went on to study programming at A-level (and law and English Lit) and then went on to study Design and Photography.

I have been a photographer on and off since getting my first camera in 1980 when I was 4 years old and I have loved photographs ever since!

I have been building WordPress websites – originally for friends and family and just as a hobby – since 2008!

My first full-time job was in Management at McDonald’s in 1993 and from there I have gone on to manage retail stores in the White goods and then the Toy sectors up to £1.5M turnover up until 2009 when my son was born.”

“In 2010 I needed flexibility in my schedule that a full-time job couldn’t give me.  I was a stay-at-home mum and didn’t want to sacrifice time with my son.  I decided to go self-employed and became a sole trader.

This leap was a massive learning curve and I ‘failed’ at several businesses that didn’t follow my true passions (I have many interests) and had absolutely no clue what I was doing ‘at the helm’ of every aspect of running a business.  I was drowning.

In 2014/5 I had a breakdown.  I was running 3 businesses (not very well) and running a house, trying to be a good mother and juggling too much.  That’s when my world collapsed.

7 people (most close to me) died over the next 2 years, I got benign cancer on my face and needed facial surgery and my son was going through a tough time.  He had a condition that we were trying to get a diagnosis for that took years to get to the bottom of.  Both he and I were being bullied and harassed through his school and I was suffering in a relationship and home life that was making my mental health very poor indeed.”


“I entered a period of intensive psychotherapy, 12-step work (for my binge-eating disorder) and self-discovery.  I was in therapy for over 5 years and gradually recovered enough to be able to make important decisions about my needs going forward.

I left my home, moved in temporarily with my mother, pulled my son out of school and worked on his health, closed two of my businesses and decided to consolidate all my years of experience into one, useful business.  I did training and gained certificates with Google, Hiscox (GCHQ and The National Security Centre) and G-Wiz Learning (Accredited Coaching Certificate with The Association for Coaches).

I have since fallen in love with my best friend and we live together happily with my son in a beautiful cottage on the cliff-side near Folkestone, Kent.

Now I am ready and able to focus all my attention on my family and my business. I am ready to pay it forward with gratitude in my heart, to you.”

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